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Fwd: Re: ardour & quasimodo debian packages

I posted an ITP: ardour -- a Linux Digital Audio Workstation (bug #95870).

Sadly enough, upstream author doesn't seem to agree on me doing this. 

What can you advice me to do ? Should I try to convince him ? Or package it
anyway ?

As the code is GPL'd, that's to say "freely redistributable", the author
couldn't keep me from packaging it. Or should I ask him to change the license ?

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Subject: Re: ardour & quasimodo debian packages 
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>I'd like to package those 2 programs for the Debian distribution and want to b
>e sure you agree on that. Also have you heard of any unofficial packages done 

people have done them. i don't want them done at this time. both
projects are changing too rapidly to make this sensible.

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