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Re: Fwd: Re: ardour & quasimodo debian packages

On Thu, 03 May 2001, ericvb@debian.org wrote:
> I posted an ITP: ardour -- a Linux Digital Audio Workstation (bug #95870).
> Sadly enough, upstream author doesn't seem to agree on me doing this. 
> What can you advice me to do ? Should I try to convince him ? Or package it
> anyway ?

You could offer to have the package clearly state it is an alpha, and upload
it to experimental, where no user without a deathwish touches stuff.  And
move it to debian unstable only when you can convince upstream that his
stuff is good enough to release as beta :)

> As the code is GPL'd, that's to say "freely redistributable", the author
> couldn't keep me from packaging it. Or should I ask him to change the license ?

I don't think you should go against upstream wishes. Try the diplomatic way
a bit more...

> To: Eric.VanBuggenhaut@AdValvas.be
> Subject: Re: ardour & quasimodo debian packages 
> From: Paul Davis <pbd@op.net>
> >I'd like to package those 2 programs for the Debian distribution and want to b
> >e sure you agree on that. Also have you heard of any unofficial packages done 
> >?
> people have done them. i don't want them done at this time. both
> projects are changing too rapidly to make this sensible.

That qualifies as stuff for our experimental distribution, alright. Explain
that to him, maybe he just doesn't want people complaining it is "hard to
use", or "not finished yet"...

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