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Re: New Package, New Developer ehm... Help :-)

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On Thursday 03 May 2001  5:37 pm, G . Gabriele wrote:
> The package is at http://nettoe.sourceforge.net
> It's a console based Tic-Tac-Toe like game playable
> over a network . (tcp/ip)
> Now the last version is 1.0.5 and it's a stable version.
> I'm working on new features... but this is another thing.
> And it will come out with 1.2.0 or something.

	I have looked at this.  Despite my reservations about the usefulness 
of a tic-tac-toe game, I tried to have an open mind about it.
	I can't say that in my opinion this is actually worth bothering to 
package, it is pretty simplistic to say the least.  And the AI player 
is not very good at all, I haven't managed to fail to win even one game 
out of the five I played.  A perfect AI for this game is not at all 
hard to write, it must have been really difficult to write one that is 
actually beatable.

	All that being said, it is a nice interface, and if you managed to add 
some interesting bells and whistles to the game to make it playable 
(and improved the AI a *lot*) then I would be happy to package this for 
you.  Contact me when it hits the releasable phase (1.2.0 you are 

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