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New Package, New Developer ehm... Help :-)

Hi all, well that's my situation:

I'm the developer of nettoe, a console based
tic-tac-toe game playable over a network.

available at: http://nettoe.sourceforge.net

Now, I'd really like to see it in the Debian
distribution so I'm just trying to understand
how I can make it possible.

I have just created a GPG Key and done:

gpg --keyserver wwwkeys.eu.pgp.net --send-keys 0x[my key ID]

Now what should I do ? 
I have read that I have to meet a developer... and so on
but I'm italian and I think that would be a little difficult.
I don't think there are many italian developers out there :-(

Can somebody help me ? Sponsor me or what else :-) ?

 Gabriele Giorgetti


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