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Re: transition from /usr/doc to /usr/share/doc

On Fri, Mar 30, 2001 at 12:16:50AM -0300, Carlos Laviola wrote:
> For the last couple of couple of couple of hours, I have been trying every
> possible thing to make two packages I just adopted (ibrazilian and
> brazilian-conjugate) go outside of /usr/doc. I am attaching the diff-only
> patch to the ibrazilian source code in this e-mail (very small).

Looks fairly correct, although you don't need the shell code in postinst and
prerm scripts if you use #DEBHELPER#.

Are only Debian files put in /usr/doc/ibrazilian, or are there upstream
things in there? If the former, check your debhelper version; if the latter,
check the makefiles.

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