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Re: libdb-dev - I don't get it!

On Tue, Mar 27, 2001 at 12:26:48AM +1000, Drew Parsons wrote:
> My latest package viewmol has a -ldb entry in the makefile.
> I asked on this list where on earth I'd find libdb.so to compile against,
> and you helpfully pointed me to libdb2-dev.
> However, since then, libdb3[-dev] has come out, so I figured I would
> dutifully compile against it.
> But to my surprise, I discovered that libdb3-dev does not provide
> /usr/lib/libdb.[so,a] at all!  It only has libdb3.so.
> I don't understand.  Is this a bug?  Or is libdb.so forever to be fated
> identical to libdb2.so ?   libdb3[-dev] docs are empty and therefore of no
> help.

libdb.so was historically from libc6-dev. When upstream glibc removed
db2 support, we had to offset it so that packages still compiled against
-ldb, which was then pointed to the compatible libdb2.so.

Now, with db3, I want to be sure that everyone realizes that they are
compiling against libdb3, since the binary on-disk format of the .db's
is different. So, you have to explicitly tell your builds that you want
-ldb3, so there is no cause for surprises.

Note, you may want to be sure that upgrades from you db2 compile to db3
support will not cause anything to break. The libdb3-util package comes
with a db3_upgrade program which will upgrade existing db2 databases in
place. Or you can read db3-doc and find the db_upgrade function where
this can be done automatically in your program.


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