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Re: deleting uploads via queue

On Mon, Feb 05, 2001 at 11:46:26PM +0100, Ove Kaaven wrote:
> I've packaged and uploaded gmime packages (libgmime0 and libgmime-dev),
> but since auric was down, I had uploaded it into the queue daemon on
> samosa. Now the daemon installed my stuff into ftp-master (auric), but I
> just discovered that I put the wrong section into libgmime0 (it should be
> libs, but it contains devel). And since the files in ftp-master's incoming
> is owned by troup because of the queue daemon, I can't just rm these and
> upload anew... I suppose I could file a bugreport if the ftp maintainers
> add the package with the wrong section override, but I'd rather not cause
> them extra work with my misguided upload if I can help it... so how would
> I remove this package from incoming?

Once a package has been uploaded for more than about 60 seconds, don't
try replacing it with a new package with the same version number.
Just upload a new version with the correct information.  Incidentally,
I don't know whether katie bothers looking at the information in the
package itself; I know the old dinstall didn't.  Have a look at the
overrides files on ftp-master.  (I don't off-hand remember where they
are kept, though.)



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