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Re: Packaging for X/SVGA/Console

On Fri, Jan 26, 2001 at 10:42:51AM -0500, Christopher Allen wrote:
> That makes sense to me.  One furthur question: the package provides
> another program, used to load saved programs off audio cassette using
> one's sound card, which is potentially useful to users of any of the
> three versions of the emulator.  Should I build it as a fourth
> package?  (Doesn't four packages seem a bit excessive, for a program
> which isn't likely to be wildly popular?)

Nope! lxdoom actually has 5 packages (one not built from the lxdoom 
source) - lxdoom, lxdoom-x11, lxdoom-svga, lxdoom-sndserv, and lxmusserv.
The latter two work with either of the clients (svga/x11), and lxdoom
is required for either of the clients to work as well. Add to that the
fact that I'll probably soon be adding a fbcon package as well... 
flexibility is always more important than "smallness" - the overhead of
an extra deb file is not that much, as long as they are separated into
independent, logically different chunks.

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