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Re: Packaging for X/SVGA/Console

> > As part of my new-maintainer process tasks, I'm packaging z81, a
> > Sinclair ZX81/ZX80 emulator.  The emulator provides three binaries: a
> > X version (xz81), an SVGA version (z81) and a linux-console version
> > (z81txt).
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> This means that when a package produces one binary which can optionally
> have X support (like gnuplot), it should have it. In your case (and mine,
> lxdoom), separate binaries are produced with differing support; the svgalib 
> binary is useless to an m68k user, for example, so have separate packages,
> and make the svgalib package Architecture: i386 only (since that's the
> same as svgalibg1).

That makes sense to me.  One furthur question: the package provides
another program, used to load saved programs off audio cassette using
one's sound card, which is potentially useful to users of any of the
three versions of the emulator.  Should I build it as a fourth
package?  (Doesn't four packages seem a bit excessive, for a program
which isn't likely to be wildly popular?)


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