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Re: When is DAM approval supposed to happen?

> > If an AM becomes unable to
> > process an applicant within a reasonable reasonable response time (say
> > two weeks of overhead beyond delays the fault of the applicant) then the
> > applicant should be returned to the AM queue.  It's not right that one AM
> Why is it a problem if an applicant isn't processed within two weeks? What
> do you want to do if the applicant is simply not skilled enough for
> becoming a DD? Should he get a new AM every two weeks until even the worst
> applicant finds an AM that accepts him?

If the applicant is able to demonstrate a sufficient skill level, that is
a delay which is a fault of the applicant.

I'm not saying an applicant should be fully processed in two weeks, I'm
suggesting that two weeks is an apppropriate amount of time for the
applicant to spend waiting for other people to do things after he has been
assigned an AM.  If the AM says "answer these questions and show me a
package that does this and write a man page for that", the time it takes
for the applicant to accomplish such task is not included in what I
referred to as "overhead".

> > Don't underestimate the importance of being an official developer.
> > It's true that you can get packages sponsered and "help Debian" without
> > it, but it can have a large effect on morale.  Being an official DD, gives
> To be more precise: You can do nearly all work you want to do without
> being an official DD.

Go talk to your girlfriend/wife and tell her you think marriage is unnecessary
because these days you can do just about anything you wanted to do
unwed as you could wed.  How do you think she'd feel about that.  It's
not about what you can do, it's less tangible than that.

> Yes, it's a good feeling to have a Debian account. But if it really harms
> the work you do for Debian if it takes a bit longer until you get your
> account you should really rethink how important Debian is for you.

For me, waiting a year would be worthwhile.  I'd also say that, for me,
an annual membership dues of $1000 US would also be worthwhile, but I
also don't think that that's a good idea to impose such a thing.

If long, unpredictable delays need to be part of the NM process, then so
be it, but if there's a way to avoid such delays without imposing undo
strain on the people involved, then I think we should consider it.


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