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Re: Multiple Binary-Package - exclude one binary for an architecture

Hallo! Du (Domenico Andreoli) hast geschrieben:

>in debian/control you have to put in "Architecture" field all the archs
>but hurd for the package that will not compile unde hurd.

ok. done that already... 

>i'll point to the relevant page of the packaging manual, but feel free to
>read it all :))

done that also.

but the rules file has to handle this somehow... when i try to create
a binary-package from the source-package on the hurd, it also tries
to create the second binary and fails. i end up without any packages.

so, to specify the question: 

how should the targets in the rules-file be named, if i have:

Source: jove
Build-Depends: debhelper (>2), libncurses-dev, libc-dev, \ 
  xlib6g-dev [!hurd-i386], xviewg-dev [!hurd-i386], groff, fileutils

Package: jove
Architecture: any

Package: xjove
Architecture: alpha, arm, m68k, mips, mipsel, hppa, i386, powerpc,\
  sparc, sparc64


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