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Re: My integration into the Debian team

Another good place to poke around is the BTS, Bug Tracking System.

Also look at lists.debian.org for debian-devel-announce archives.
Approximately once a week there will be a RC, Release Critical, Bug
Report. Scan through the listings to see if there is anything you can
lend a hand with.

Then there is always the QA, Quality Assurance, team qa.debian.org.
They could always use a hand I'm sure. They have their own mail list
too that you might want to look into/subscribe.

Good luck
Gordon Sadler

On Tue, Dec 19, 2000 at 10:15:53PM +0100, Patrick Schnorbus wrote:
> Howdee,
> i am a REALLY greenhorn in debian, i used SuSE for two years but
> now i am using Debian and it´s great!
> Well...I want to integrate myself into the Debian team. I tried to
> make a deb package, and it worked ok (...for my first package. no
> dependencies etc.)
> Have you any ideas what i can do?
> greetings,
> Patrick

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