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Problem building a package

Hi, I'm new to this list so, if I'm out of the subject, please tell me
which list I must use.

i'm trying to build a package from a source tar.gz file. To accomplish
this, I installed the package "maint-guide" and followed all
instructions in it (installation of new packages, etc etc). Finally,
after some hours spent trying, I had a ".deb" package. But this is VERY
strange... There's no program in this package. Only the docs. Although
the program compiles and installs (in the tmp dir) good, the content of
debian/tmp/bin and debian/tmp/lib ain't copied i the .deb. The
maintainer's guide tells to run "lintian" on the package, to see if
there's any error; but even this, I can't do it, because gpg complains
about not finding my secret key and so it dpkg-buildpackage doesn't
build this .changes file. I did run gpg--gen-key....

Please, can someone help me ? I think i'm going crazy...

Thanks in advance.

Raphaël HALIMI

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