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Re: question on conffiles

On Thu, Dec 14, 2000 at 11:13:14PM -0800, Mike Markley wrote:
> > As read from packaging-manual, there're two ways to handle
> > system specific config files, one to list them in debian/conffiles,
> > the other is (optionally write a /usr/bin/pkgxxxconfig to aid) to
> > write/modify the config file in debian/postinst, and don't list them
> > in debian/conffiles. My question is with the second approach, how could
> > dpkg determine if a /etc/pkgxxx.cfg belongs to pkgxxx? What if other
> > package wants to overwrite it accidentally?
> That's why conffiles is better in most cases :). dpkg can't know if a
> file's created in postinst, so it's best to do that only if necessary (at
> least IMO)...

BTW even if a non-conffile configuration file is used, a bug can be filed
against that other package if it overwrites it.

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