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Some questions about packaging

Hello all!

I'm packaging sel (I did an ITP on it yesterday); I've gotten to the
point were the package correctly builds, goes trough lintian with no
warnings, installs ok and deinstalls ok.

The package is relatively simple (well, only one bin, and actually just
two or three code files)... my only doubt is if all the dpkg build
targets are fully functional (I expect so, I've tested one or two and it
worked without changing the default).

The program has 'less' harcoded into it, and uses it has a pager to
display the help, so I made the package depend on less... butt a better
aproach would be to change the code so it would get the PAGER env var
and go with it, in which case it would depend on a pager virtual package
(IIRC there is one)... but let's mimagine the user has a pager but
doesn't set the PAGER env? What is the Right Thing to do with this case?
Change, not change?

Also, the README is in German, I will contact upstream to make an
english version :)

BTW: are the original INSTALL files to be installed or not (the ones
that say how to compile)?

Well, this is all for now, thank you all :)

best regards,


Frederico Serrano Muñoz         GNU: http://www.gnu.org
fsmunoz@sdf.lonestar.org        Debian: http://www.debian.org

SDF - Public Access Unix Systems - http://sdf.lonestar.org

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