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Re: Now another question...

On Mon, Nov 27, 2000 at 10:54:53PM +0100, Ola Lundqvist wrote:
> E: libmstore0: pkg-without-shlibs-has-shlibs-control-file
> N:
> N:   Though the package does not include any shared libraries, it does have
> N:   a shlibs control file.
> N:

> N: Processing binary package libicap0 (version 0.8-1) ...
> E: libicap0: pkg-without-shlibs-has-shlibs-control-file

It seems you didn't include the /usr/lib/libmstore.so.* and
/usr/lib/libicap.so.* in the respective packages.

See what debian/tmp/usr/lib and/or debian/lib{mstore,icap}0/usr/lib
directories contain after the package has been built.

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