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Re: Contact?

On Mon, Nov 20, 2000 at 05:18:30PM -0500, Gopal Narayanan <gopal@debian.org> wrote...
> Moral of the story for applicants: Keep your application ready before
> your AM contacts you; get your key signed, have package(s) ready for
> inspection, read the SC, DFSG & DMUP, browse the developer's
> reference, etc. Heck, maybe file or fix some bugs, write
> documentation, etc. It's amazing how quickly you will be processed, if
> you show demonstratable skills and knowledge of debian policies &
> procedures. 

This is certainly true. When I was first contacted by my AM after
months and months of waiting (I had applied before the process re-opened),
I was done with him in 48 hours, most of it waiting to meet him on
IRC across maybe 10 time zones.

Now I am an AM and unfortunatly both of my first applicants didn't have
(and still don't, even after 4 week of me being too ill and busy to write
a mail demanding further action) their keys signed nor packages reay.
(No details on the amazing stuff I heared, I don't want to step on
 anyone's toes)

If there is no package available or the applicant can't demonstrate some
work that would require an account to be properly continued, I'd
put them on hold after identification and P&P to tell them to come back
when they NEED a Debian account. Then the process can be quickly

Remember, you can help Debian in numerous ways even without having
an account. Fixing bugs, writing documentation, answering on debian-devel,
taking part on discussions, helping at exhibitions ... . 
Actually I'd say one only needs an
account for 

1. package maintainng
2. building for different architectures 

(both for uploading)

3. doing administrative work for the project

A @deibna.org account is not a status symbols. It is something 
to Get Work Done (tm). It is not given out unless needed. 

So, please if you don't need an account, please don't apply for NM,
thereby delaying the entry of those who need one.

I know of people who have been assigned AMs very fast because they already
had many (important) packages sponsored or were doing lots of porting work
that nobody else could do. But such cases are only rarely identifiable
before an applicant gets an AM assigned. 
And if you do something for Debian, you are project member even without
having an account. I thought of myself as a @Debian guy long before I packaged
my first program, when I was helping at trade shows, hanging out with
other developers and discussing stuff, etc. 

# And I do think my account should be locked if I do not maintain any packages
# one day, until I need my account again. The less "unused" accounts,
# the better, security and administrative wise.


	Oliver M. Bolzer

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