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Help with packaging libraries

Hi there,

I'm attempting to packing the OpenIL library (openil.sourceforge.net), and
I'm running into some problems.

I used dh_make to set up the debian directory for me, I edited the project's
makefile so that it installed relative to $(DESTDIR), I edited

When I do dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot, everything gets built ok, but the
resulting packages are basically empty (except for the changelogs)

Under the debian directory, the following directories get created:
tmp/ (everything is put here, this looks good)
libil0/ (this only gets the /usr/share/.../changelog and the DEBIAN directory)
libil2/ (this gets libil.so.2 and libil.so.2.0.5)
libil-dev/ (empty except for DEBIAN and /usr/share/.../changelog)

So I'm a bit confused about what's going wrong...Why are two libil
directories created?  And why aren't the binaries and headers files being
included in the appropriate directory?  I basically followed the debian
maintainer's guide to get to this point, but obviously there's something I'm
doing wrong :)  Is there a debian library maintainer's guide?

Thanks for your help,

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