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Re: Help with packaging libraries


On Wed, Nov 15, 2000 at 11:37:50PM -0500, catlee@canada.com wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm attempting to packing the OpenIL library (openil.sourceforge.net), and
> I'm running into some problems.
> I used dh_make to set up the debian directory for me, I edited the project's
> makefile so that it installed relative to $(DESTDIR), I edited
> debian/control.
> When I do dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot, everything gets built ok, but the
> resulting packages are basically empty (except for the changelogs)
> Under the debian directory, the following directories get created:
> tmp/ (everything is put here, this looks good)
> libil0/ (this only gets the /usr/share/.../changelog and the DEBIAN directory)
> libil2/ (this gets libil.so.2 and libil.so.2.0.5)
> libil-dev/ (empty except for DEBIAN and /usr/share/.../changelog)

The major version of your library seems to be 2, so it is put in
the libil2 directory. But your debian/control file seems to
specify libil0 as package name. I think, currently dh_make has no
knowledge of the library version, so you have to modify this

To move files out of the tmp/ dir, put the filenames (or
directory names to move whole directories) in the files
<package>.files (thus, libil2.files and libil.dev.files in your
case) and make sure, dh_movefiles is called in the install target
(on by default).

> I basically followed the debian
> maintainer's guide to get to this point, but obviously there's something I'm
> doing wrong :)

Cite from the maint-guide:

    2.1 Choose your program.
    * program should result in binary executable form, don't try
      libraries yet.

You can experiment with the package generation by calling
"debian/rules build" once to compile the package and "fakeroot
debian/rules binary" to generate .deb packages and see, if they
build correctly. This may save you some time :)

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