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Re: help with my first packages

> First of all, we should copy debian-mentors again. I forgot that on my
> last mail. Is that okay with you?

Ok, I wasn't shure of the normal procedures.

> On Tue, 17 Oct 2000, Joergen Haegg wrote:
>> milamber{jh}55 dpkg-source -b libio-stty-perl-0.02
>> dpkg-source: building libio-stty-perl using existing libio-stty-perl_0.02.orig.tar.gz
>> dpkg-source: building libio-stty-perl in libio-stty-perl_0.02-1.diff.gz
>> dpkg-source: cannot represent change to debian/libio-stty-perl/usr/share/doc/libio-stty-perl/stty.txt.gz: binary file contents changed
> these files should never be in a source tree while diffing. Obviously your
> cleanup rule doesn't work. Line 27 in libexpect's debian/rules should read
> 	-$(MAKE) realclean
> The errors you are getting are the result of this. The debian dir contains
> loads of gzipped files, as all the documentation gets packed. diff cannot
> represent those in a diff file. The same goes for libio-stty (make clean
> doesn't clean out the Makefile.old). And you should rename
> ex.doc-base.package to doc-base.<package> where <package> is the
> respective package name, and the postinst/prerm.ex files are useless as
> well (they won't be recognized with that name), you should either remove
> or rename them.

I think the main problem was that I misinterpreted the packaging manual.
It said somewhere that I should use 'dpkg-source -b', and
now I realize that dpkg-source doesn't clean out old stuff.
I must have missed something in the docs.

Running 'dpkg-buildpackage' fixed my problem.

Maybe the packaging manual could be more specific or
have a beginners section, like how to package 'hello world'.
(Yes, I know about the example package, but maybe a complete
step-by-step description on that package would suffice.)

It was a little confusing when all things
are normally done with debhelper, even the binary package building. :-)

ftp.axis.se:/pub/users/jh now contains all files from dpkg-buildpackage.
(I removed the old ones.)

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