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RE: rpath (was Re: Two questions about policy)

> > Another thing you could do is to stuck the libs in a 
> subdirectory and have
> > your postinst and postrm edit /etc/ld.so.conf. That sounds like the
> > traditional way to me, but then that was before rpath...
> It's a little trickier than the way xaw3d handled it though.  A
> half-dozen packages or more would use that directory and modify
> ld.so.conf.
> This is what I had in mind,
>     /usr/lib/regina0/       -> contains scripts (external 
> rexx functions),
>                                 e.g. http/ftp modules, Tk modules, &c
>     /usr/lib/regina0/libs/  -> the packages would drop their 
> libs in here
> I guess on a package purge check if the libs directory is empty
> and then remove the ld.so.conf entry. rpath seems cleaner though.
> I saw a followup about the libc5 -> libc6 problem but I don't think
> this is a problem with function libs/plugins is it?

If all the packages depend on a base package (and I am sure they do), the
base could be the one modifying ld.so.conf and that would then be done only


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