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SDL and SDL_image

I have a little trouble with SDL_image which I maintain. I made two packages,
libsdl-image1.0 and libsdl-image-dev. Until recently SDL_image was built
with SDL1.0, the stable release. The current versions need SDL1.1, the
unstable release. Unfortunately I built and uploaded SDL_image with that,
which causes now quite some trouble, SDL1.1 is not backwards compatible with
1.0. Even more unfortunately the version number of sdl_image was not changed
and one of the authors does not intend to do so. I did not hear from the
other one yet.

What should I do:
- create sdl-image1.0.8[-dev], the last version which works with SDL1.0
  and build sdl-image1.0 for SDL1.1
- use an epoch to build sdl-image1.0 with 1.0.8 sources and drop all newer
  versions which need SDL1.1 (or make a new source package, sdl-image1.1 or
  something for that)
- file a bug against ftp.d.o to get sdl-image and all packages depending on
  it removed?

Somehow I opt for the second, with not creating any packages for SDL1.1.
Unless the second maintainer comes to his senses and creates packages with
proper version numbers...
Comments? And how do I use an epoch?


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