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Re: gnupg signing

On Fri, 28 Jul 2000 23:34:41 +0800 
Peter Crystal <darke@debian.org> wrote:

>> > You should have a look at mutt. It handles gpg signing etc.
>> Why bother?  Mutt is so terribly inflexible compared to MH.

> out of curiousity, what does mh offer ?  

MH provides a base set of very low level mail handling tools,
essentially mail primitives, and then a set of configuration files
which they share, while only just barely (and arguably not at all),
defining a framwork for those tools to operate in.  You can build
absolutely anything you want out from there.

There is no NH "application" per se, in exactly the sense that
'grep', and 'sed' are no applications but that you can build
applications using them.

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