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Re: first upload problem

On Thu, Jul 20, 2000 at 09:11:33PM +0100, John O Sullivan wrote:
> This might not be the right place to ask this question but I need help.
> I've successfully built my first package and now I want to upload it.
> I've read the documentation on dupload and as far I can see I'm doing
> everything right. I got as far as 
> $ dupload --to master xfrisk_1.2-1_i386.changes

master is not the correct place to upload packages.  If you would read
the motd when you login to master you will get the following:

Linux master 2.2.16 #3 Thu Jun 8 22:08:03 CDT 2000 i686 unknown
Copyright (C) 1993-2000 Software in the Public Interest, and others
Uploads go to ftp-master.debian.org, not here.
** The mail system has changed, please visit http://db.debian.org/forward.html
   for more information
** Incoming has moved to ftp-master.debian.org; please upload there
   or use an upload queue.

Change your dupload.conf the correct directory to upload to is

> and I got the following output
> Uploading (ftp) to master.debian.org:/home/Debian/ftp/private/project/Incoming/
> [ job xfrisk_1.2-1_i386 from xfrisk_1.2-1_i386.changes New dpkg-dev, announcement will NOT be sent

Also it is not wise to upload via ftp, as it send your password as
plain text.  Auric (ftp-master) does have a ftpd running, but the best
method is to use scp instead.

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