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RE: GPG problem when building package

Thanks, that was the problem, 
"John O Sullivan" != "John O'Sullivan"


Sean 'Shaleh' Perry writes:
 > gpg is passed the name from the changelog entry.  If this is not the name on
 > your key, it wont work.
 > geisha [~/gdm2] $ gpg --edit-key shaleh@debian.org
 > Secret key is available.
 > pub  1024D/9EE16F1B  created: 1999-10-12 expires: never      trust: -/u
 > sub  2048g/5BF5DA52  created: 1999-10-12 expires: never     
 > (1)  Sean 'Shaleh' Perry <shaleh@debian.org>
 > note it lists my name as Sean 'Shaleh' Perry, that has to be what is in the
 > changelog.  you can alias one name to another.  All of this is explained on the
 > gnupg.org web site.

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