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Re: Why dpkg insists installing my local deb as non free?

On Tue, 18 Jul 2000, Shaul Karl wrote:

> [02:13:00 tkman-2.1]$ grep Section debian/control -A 1
> Section: doc
> Priority: optional
> [02:13:04 tkman-2.1]$ 
> Isn't the above enough for having the local deb installed in main?
> dpkg insists that it is non-free.
> [02:13:59 /tmp]$ grep-status -P tkman | grep Priority -A 1
> Priority: optional
> Section: non-free/doc
> [02:14:07 /tmp]$ 

The section is set by the override file of the ftp admins that overrides
the settings of the maintainer. The previous version of tkman was in
non-free, and the section doesn't change automatically in the override
file if you change it in the package. File a bug against ftp.debian.org
and the ftp admins will change the setion.


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