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Re: Upload problem

On Tue, Jul 18, 2000 at 03:22:26AM -0400, Dan Nguyen wrote:
> If you noticed that version 2 didn't get rejected.  While trying to
> find a sig to verify that you were in the keyring.  The dsc and
> changelog files for 1,3 and 4 aren't signed.  Since they aren't signed
> they have been rejected.  Make sure that dpkg-buildpackage should
> prompt you twice for your passphrase each time is to sign these
> files.  Refer to the upload of your version 2, it looks like it was
> properly uploaded.
> Also I downloaded your signed changelog and dsc from Incoming, and was
> not able to verify your signature.  This could simply be, because my
> local debian keys are out of sinc.

To clarify by changelog, I ment changes file.  Hopefully I did not
confuse you.  I did login to auric and verified the signature on
version 2 of your package.

The reason your changes file have been moved is that they are not
signed, the same holds true for the dsc. 

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