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Re: Upload problem

On Tue, Jul 18, 2000 at 09:07:34AM +0200, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
>  I hope you can help me. I have a problem uploading my package. It's my
> first one so this might be quite easy to fix.
>  I have uploaded the package already with dupload to ftp-master, and
> it's already there. But in the /REJECT/ directory there is a
> fancylogin_...reason file which says that my signature isn't right? How
> can I check what went wrong? Where do I have to add my public key to to
> be able to upload my stuff? I think that was left out somehow.
>  Any help is apreciated, thanks in advance.

You've uploaded 4 versions.  1, 3 and 4 have all been rejected with
following ouput from gpg:

gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.
gpg: processing message failed: eof

If you noticed that version 2 didn't get rejected.  While trying to
find a sig to verify that you were in the keyring.  The dsc and
changelog files for 1,3 and 4 aren't signed.  Since they aren't signed
they have been rejected.  Make sure that dpkg-buildpackage should
prompt you twice for your passphrase each time is to sign these
files.  Refer to the upload of your version 2, it looks like it was
properly uploaded.   

Also I downloaded your signed changelog and dsc from Incoming, and was
not able to verify your signature.  This could simply be, because my
local debian keys are out of sinc.

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