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Re: Warning: Me, too! (was Re: NM : Dale Scheetz : is NM working fine?)

 Summary: check your registered eaddr

I checked your status, to test your claim, not in doubt, just
for an experiment;  your following address was not found.

bas@medeia.dhs.org wrote:

> You (Bolan.Meek@wcom.com) said:
> > > > Well, i have applied 6 weeks ago, and i'm not yet added to the database
> > > > at nm..debian.org .
> > > I've applied 4 months ago, I've had no reply yet, so be patient.
> > Last week, I resubmitted my application, ...
> > queried with the form at http://nm.debian.org
> Hmm, that's strange. I've applied at may 7th, and I am in the db.

And so you are...

> | bas@A-Es2.uu.nl ...

This is the address that worked, but the last processor of your app
said the address was not working.  Perhaps you ought to verify,
or update them with a better address, such as the former.

> | zoetekw@phys.uu.nl  ...

This also was not found.  Not that I expected it, since the
previous was.

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