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Packaging a shared library

I'm making a debian package that contains 1 thing: a shared library, it
the first thing I'm ever packaging. Now lintian gives an error that
there's no shlibs, it also says stuff about it being intential and so. I
think I don't need this shlibs, but I want to make sure. There's no binary
that depends on the shared library and as far as I understood from the
packaging manual that's what this shlibs is for, right?

So my question now is: what should I do? Just ignore the error or make
some kind of dummy shlibs? Or mail the lintian maintainer (like the error
says)? Or am I wrong and do I need a shlibs after all, if yes: what should
it look like??

Ron Rademaker

PS. Could you cc to me when replying, I'm not subscribed to this list.

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