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seeking sponsor for powershell and sitescooper

I have contacted the authors of powershell [1] and sitescooper [2]
about packaging their code for debian, and both are very receptive.  I
am already making the packages available from the sitescooper site,
and will be taking over packaging for powershell as of the next

I would like to see these get into debian.  I know powershell is on
several wishlists, and sitescooper is an excellent piece of software.
I use both of them daily, hence my desire to package them initially.

I've posted several requests for sponsorship, signed up with the
unofficial sponsors page, and hung out on #debian looking for
assistance.  I haven't posted to -devel yet, but that's my next step.  

Can anyone offer advice on what I need to do next?  


[1] http://powershell.pdq.com
[2] http://jmason.org/software/sitescooper/

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