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Re: question about version number

"Martin Bialasinski" <martin@internet-treff.uni-koeln.de> writes:

> Stephan> Sure he did, but what I meant is how could he know the next
> Stephan> version would be (imho wrongly) be versioned 1.6? Normally,
> Stephan> the version following 1.52 would be 1.53.
> Which he would have packaged as 1.5.3, so where is the problem. If the
> author releases version 1.5, you package it as 1.5. If the next bugfix
> release is versioned 1.51, you package it as 1.5.1, as you know this
> is not the proper versioning and 1.6 will come some time (and you try
> to convince the author about this as well).

 You are completely right, yet it seems you did not really answer to
my point ;).

 But as as we don't really disagree, I guess there is no point in
further discussions...;)


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