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Re: question about version number

>> "Stephan" == Stephan A Suerken <inf222@Fh-Worms.DE> writes:

Stephan> Sure he did, but what I meant is how could he know the next
Stephan> version would be (imho wrongly) be versioned 1.6? Normally,
Stephan> the version following 1.52 would be 1.53.


Stephan> You are completely right, yet it seems you did not really
Stephan> answer to my point ;).

Maybe this time I get it right :-) 

The author released version 1.6, so he knows about this by looking at
the upstream version. You package a new version after if was released, 
so the first question is a bit moot...

Also, as a developer, you usually talk with the autor. For most
packages, I know about a new release before it is made. Some autors
give me a few days to make the package, so that the tarball and the
debian package get released simultaniously.


When you package a software, you take a look how the author handles
things. This includes versioning as well.

If you see, that he released 1.5 -> 1.51 -> 1.52, you can conclude he
really wanted 1.5.1 etc.

And as you always communicate with the author, you should also ask him
about his intentions, just to be sure.


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