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Re: maint-doc and dh_make

On Sun, Jun 27, 1999 at 11:54:55PM +0200, Tomas Pihl wrote:
> > Ok, I'm trying to follow the maint-guide to build my own package. The problem
> > is that the doc is assuming that dh_make is doing things that it isn't doing,
> > like creating the .orig dir and making a default changelog entry. I followed
> > the damn thing exactly, so whats going on? Should I be able to run dh_make
> > and have it build me a package by running dpkg-buildpackage (not a very 
> > *good* package, mind you)?
> I spent some 4-5 hours yesterday with the same problem. I just couldn't get 
> the thing to work (v0.12). It produced faulty rules-files etc. I then stumbled 
> upon `debmake' (3.5.20 from unstable) which did everything I wanted.

I use to start packages using dh_make and it usually works alright but
it seems that the last version (0.12) is horribly broken and generates
the files all upside down. But as it is said in the doc, it is in
development so let's give it some time.

Remi Lefebvre - <remi@omega.dhis.org>

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