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Re: Binaries for other architectures

Mika Fischer <mika_fischer@gmx.net> writes:

> BTW: Why is the main Debian-server using qmail (non-free)? Seems a bit
> contradictory to me. But I guess, that doesn't belong here :-)

Qmail's "non-free" to Debian because the author doesn't allow
distribution of binaries (or something like that).  Debian's "free
software guidelines" don't allow such a license to be considered

Qmail is _fine_ software, especially if you judge by size of source
and binaries and by elegance of implementation.  I've used it for
several years, and find I waste much less time fighting MTAs
(primarily used smail before).  It's free (of cost and encumbrances to
redistribution) by almost any definition; but not by Debian's.  The
reasons for this are probably good.
Steven Work
Renaissance Labs
360 647-1833

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