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Re: newbie problems and some questions

Fernando Sanchez <fsanchez@retemail.es> writes:

> - I got an automatically-generated mail confirming my account/password on
>   master, etc, which also mentioned that I should use fer@debian.org address
>   for signing packages, so I had to add this identificator to my pgp key and
>   send the new public key to keyring-maint@debian.org, which I did. I
>   suppose this address belongs to some program which automatically adds
>   received keys to debian keyring,

Eh?  That would be something of a galactic security hole.  Anyway, no,
it's not a program, it's me.

>   so I sent the key in an ascii-armoured file directly, with no
>   comments or anything. I also did not sign the message with my pgp
>   key, and don't know if I should have done that nor received some
>   kind of confirmation, either.

You will have now.  Sending it with no comments etc. is fine.  There's
also no need to sign the mail as all Debian PGP keys and all GnuPG
keys are self-signed.

> - this same day, I made the package (spim-6.2), checked with lintian and
>   uploaded it with dupload to erlangen site in Germany, without problems. 
>   But later (today) I have received a message from the "Debian queue daemon"
>   (ftplinux@rrze.uni-erlangen.de) which said that there was no key matching
>   my key ID (3FEC39EB) in their debian-keyring.pgp file and that description
>   file would be deleted.

Hmm.  The key _is_ there and has been Sunday.  I suggest you try
again, or upload directly to master, it's definitely in the keyring on


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