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Re: Which targets are mandatory in debian/rules?

James Troup wrote:
> No, the build target should be present and should do something,
> i.e. build the package.  Even if it only depends on the two other
> build targets, it should still build stuff.

I hate to contradict you, but either you or the packaging manual is wrong:

          For some packages, notably ones where the same source tree is
	  compiled in different ways to produce two binary packages, the
	  build' target does not make much sense. For these packages it is
	  good enough to provide two (or more) targets (build-a' and
	  build-b' or whatever) for each of the ways of building the
	  package, and a build' target that does nothing. The binary' target
	  will have to build the package in each of the possible ways and
	  make the binary package out of each.

see shy jo

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