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Which targets are mandatory in debian/rules?

Background: I want to create another binary package from gtksamba, which
is currently build without gnome support.  The new binary package would
have gnome support and would Conflict with and Provide gtksamba and would
be called gtksamba-gnome.

The only difference between the packages is that one would be build with
the flag '--without-gnome' passed to configure, whille the other one doesn't.

The target 'build' does not really apply in the debian/rules because there
is no generic building instructions that can be done without calling the
specific configure script first.  Also, it doesn't make sense to have a
generic 'install' target because this requires a particular build as a

Therefore, I intend to leave out 'build' and 'install' from the list of targets
provided by the debian/rules, and only provide the following targets:

source diff:

The $64K question is... is this okay?
Are there any auto-building scripts that depend on the existence of the 'build'
and 'install' targets?
Which targets are manatory?


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