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Re: packaging on master/va

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Andrew Feinberg wrote:
> I'm a new maintainer, and I'd like to be able to keep the
> package I'll be doing on master or va. The problem is, I don't know
> how I would go about repackaging without breaking the install since
> the paths would be different if I packaged from my ~dir. Does anyone
> know how I could do this safely? I only want to change the maintainer
> field and changelog for now, but I want to keep it like this in the
> future.

You should build the packages on your own systems.  Only if this is
not acceptable for some reason you are invited to build them on

Please refer to the packaging-manual and the programming manual, found
at ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/doc/ to find out how to build packages.

You have to create the packages in a way they can be created at any
place on any Debian file system (/tmp, /usr/src, /home/debian, /home,
/var/src, whereever) and so that they install proper paths.  If the
native installation routine doesn't provide proper paths you have to
modify them in the Debian binary-arch/binary-indep target.

> Also, my package is on multiple platforms. If I'm building a
> package for i386, how would I build it for the others if I don't have
> access to those types of boxen? I'm sorry if I should know this or if
> its a dumb question...I'm just young and ignorant ;) 

Since you seem to be clueless to build your package(s) on your native
platform I doubt that it would be useful if you would also build them
on another one.

Anyway, you don't have to worry about other platforms, except you
receive bug reports for them. Several developers are watching programs
to run and compile under their preferred architecture.  Additionally
there are some auto-compilers running for non-i386 architectures.



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