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Re: dev and dbg packages

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Well, actually, I think you're only confusing the issue with
> '-DVDKDEBUG'.  -dbg is for versions of libraries which debugging
> symbols exposed so that problems may be debugged.  Compiling with a
> different define, at least in my opinion, lowers the usefulness of the
> -dbg package since it's actually different (i.e., a bug for libfoo
> might not show up in libfoo-dbg, since different *code* may be
> included.).

-DVDKDEBUG increase the debugging level, not lowers it. The source code
has a lot of code between #ifdef -- #endif statements, which will not be
compiled if this flag is not set. Therefore I think makeing my -dbg with
it is a good thing.



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