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Re: cannot build jed_0.98.7-7

On Sat, Dec 05, 1998 at 10:52:43PM -0500, Kikutani Makoto wrote:
> +libslanga=`ls /usr/lib/libslang1*.a | sed 's,/usr/lib/,,'`
> +
>  # Initialize some other variables.
> ---------------
> But the latest slang1-dev(1.2.2-2) doesn't have libslang1.a.
> It contains only libslang.a
I wanted to use slang1[.2.2_pic].a from slang1-pic.deb (BTW: What the hell
is this pic thingy ?)

In yesterdays upload (-12) everything is linked against the shared slang
lib. I don't know exactly why the author liked to link against the static
lib, but I patched it to link against "-lslang".

> Should I post a bug report ?
Naa, you're not fast enough :-)

> makoto
read you,


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