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Re: cannot build jed_0.98.7-7

On 05.12.1998., at 22:52, Kikutani Makoto wrote: 

>(Thanks Josip, I didn't know jed is static linked to slang)

I don't see -static in that line, OTOH I'm not an expert.

>+libslanga=`ls /usr/lib/libslang1*.a | sed 's,/usr/lib/,,'`
>But the latest slang1-dev(1.2.2-2) doesn't have libslang1.a.
>It contains only libslang.a

Just delete the '1' from that $libslanga definition in
configure, and it should work.

Also, it's easier to just say -'lslang' instead of
all that sed stuff, because gcc's linker will
substitute that with '-llibslang.a', and that path
is already specified by '-L/usr/lib'.

>Should I post a bug report ?

Against jed, yes (or just inform the maintainter,
it is a minor change in source).

Against slang1, maybe - first check for the name
of slang's .so - if it is libslang1, then it is an
inconsistency, and should be fixed.
If the .so one is also called libslang, you may
suggest the change (but I don't see why) to 
the maintainer.

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