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Non-maintainer release

What is the right procedure to do a non-maintainer upstream release?
I do not want to upload my non-maintainer debian packages to the
Debian server, but potentially distribute them. My major concern is
that, if I am doing only a

  dch -v <version> <comment>

the comment is entered in changelog as it would be from the
maintainer. Further my name should be clearly visible, when it comes
to problems, to avoid that the original maintainer gets lots of bug

Is there an environment variable or a config file to do this?


Best Regards, 
Rainer Dorsch

University of Ulm  ---  E-mail:     rainer.dorsch@chemie.uni-ulm.de
PGP-Public-Key: finger at rd@berlepsch.wohnheim.uni-ulm.de
                       or dorsch@sol.wohnheim.uni-ulm.de

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