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Re: Why only one non-free section?

> people would buy an official Debian CD for 500 $. The more people know about
> the idea of Free Software, the less likely is such behaviour.

like said, the true problem is not on selling CDs, but on using the product in their own product, without giving some of the benefits back to the people who made it.

this is ok for people who code the thing as part of their hobby, and don't need to live from it, but that coudl mean in the future most of the software will 
be written, by people doing IS management, and then writting freeware between two reboots of NT servers.

and then most universities make money from deals with big companies to use their software designs, what will happen to that if they just release everything to GPL, ? I just read somewhere that they are less CS graduates every year, this will not help i
in that. will the free software movement be the death of computing like we know it today ?



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