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Re: Why only one non-free section?

> If you really want to get a cut of the profit, why not start
selling CDs?

i am not speaking for myself, but i see that some people dont like this kind of thing, and in particular i am thinking about people developping software at universities. i don't think it is that they want a share for themself,
but that theier university wants a share of it so as be able continuealy support the the peoples who develop said software.
do you suggest the universities start selling debian cds to finance themself.

also another concern for this peoples is the right to modification of the software,
someone can take the software modify it and then sell it, without according credits to the true author, or giving some of the money back to it.

how can a university make a financing deal with a private company to exploit one of their product, if said company can just grab the source and develop it for themself.

in the current situation you cannot even say, you can use this productnbut you have to make a $5 donnation to debian :).

i think this kind of problem is not so much about the distribution vendors, altough some take a big share for the cds, hey redhat is 50$ or such, but more 
the big companies, with big money, like microsoft, sony, ibm, ...



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