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Re: what are the latest debian packaging tools.

Le Fri, Sep 04, 1998 at 12:00:45PM +0200, Stephane Bortzmeyer écrivait:
> Please don't. I've learned from him and from fellow developers that he his indeed quite busy (of course, you know he does it for Debian for free) and it processes registrations, just a bit slowly.

Ok, I said that only because I've read it in the official documentation "How
to become a developer"...

> In the meantime, lintian your packages once more :-)

Already done. But I need to contact the sysklogd maintainer in order to 
write a little script for allocating LOCALx facilities, but I think I will
write it myself and send him the script since the maintainer is ... guess ...
yes Martin Schulze. ;-)

> Those who like to criticize can review my unofficial packages on:
> ftp://ftp.internatif.org/pub/debian/EXPERIMENTAL/

Right, and the sympa and libmsgcat package can be found at

Hertzog Raphaël ¤ 0C4CABF1 ¤ http://www.mygale.org/~hra/

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