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Closing bug report when bug remains in stable?

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I've got the impression that it's customary to close bug reports as
soon as a fixed version of the package in question is available on the
ftp site.  However, this hides the problem in the stable distribution,
especially when the closed bug has been cleaned out (after some 28
days).  When another person detects the bug, {s,}he (hopefully) will
file a new bug report on the same subject, et c.  In some way, I want
it to be clear that the problem exists in the stable version of the
package.  So:

How do I accomplish that?  (Do I?)

Side note: This happened to me recently: a bug was filed (this time as
"important") for a package in hamm, but a fixed version has been
available in slink for over a month.  I asked the person to install
the fixed version from slink, and he asked something like "But how
about the package in the *stable* Debian release?".  It had perhaps
been more natural to ask him to install a package from a directory
with updates instead.  So:

When will "hamm-fixed" (or whatever it will be called) be created, and
who decides what it will include?


Joel Rosdahl <joel@rosdahl.ml.org>   (PGP-key available via finger and WWW)

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