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PPP help

  I have recently installed Debian 2.0.10 and I am having trouble
configuring dial-up access to my ISP. This is absolutely my first time
installing Linux. I've been a UNIX user for years but I know probably
less than the basics about administration. The over-all problem is I
cannot connect to my ISP and here is what I know.

  I successfully installed the kernal and the base. When configuring the
driver modules, I loaded the cdrom driver, ppp driver, serial port
driver and the parallel port driver. I think it configured COMM2
correctly but I don't know how to know for sure. The IRQ and Mem Address
look to be the same as in Windows (I think I found where they are set
manually during the install). I ran pppconfig and double checked the
output based on the Debian install documentation. When I run pon nothing
happens. If I look at the output using plog It says pppd started by root
and the next line says Input/Output error from tcgett..something or
other. If the actual log file would help I can send it later (it's at
home and I'm at work).

  Do I need to install a driver for the modem? I didn't see one included
in modconf. I have a SupraExpress PnP 33.6K modem on COMM2. I saw some
autoconfiguration utilities included with Debian but I am unsure on how
to use them and the man page viewer doesn't work (it's either not
installed/configured or not include, I don't know).
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