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problems with dpkg


I am new to this Linux world and I have been trying to load the debain
Lunix.  I got the base system installed from floppys, but know I'm
having problems installing the gcc compiler.

I have been trying to FTP the gcc_2.7.2.3-4.8.deb gnu c compiler.  But
when I tried to ftp it either from another unix machine or via netscape
to my PC, invariably it comes with an error.  I checked it with
"dpkg-deb -c gcc_2.7.2.3-4.8.deb"  and it shows that the files are
basically there, but the last thing it says it that it has an error.
(error code=1).  It also says something about a CRC error.

I can't seem to get dpkg to accept the package.  It may be of some
interest to note that both netscape and the local unix ftp server seem
to get stuck and don't disconnect when they are done, i.e., they never
actually get done, but rather just hang there.

Any thoughts?  HELP


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