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Re: New maintainer - intent to package LAM 6.1

On Sun, Jul 12, 1998 at 10:18:10AM +0000, Andrew M.A.Cater [Andy] wrote:

> The Extreme Linux CD contains GPL'd softwsre packaged as .rpms and .srpms.
> Most of the CD is standard Red Hat 5.1: three or four specialist packages
> [beotools, kernel config, modified kernel sources] are _only_ available as
> .rpms / .srpms. The Beowulf people as NASA are using Red Hat exclusively:
> AFAICS there are no pristine tarballs. What is the Right Thing to do?

I'd lobby the guys at NASA to come down to their senses and provide
tarballs... is beowulf a linux-only thing? (That'd be bad) Anyway, use rpm
to extract the srpm's and repack the result as a tarball. Eventually it
would be really nice to have Extreme Debian/GNU Hurd :-)

> LAM probably complements / replaces PVM or MPICH which are already
> packaged for Debian: each of these is a message passing implementation for
> parallel machines in clusters.

AFAIR, LAM can work on top of PVM (or was it the other way arround?)...


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